Wednesday, April 30, 2014

End of April, Still Buried!

The end of April is finally here.  National Letter Writing Month has consumed a LOT of my time, but then I knew it would.  I did find a few new pen pals in the group, and also added a few new ones from Instagram, so much of my time has been replying to letters--which is a wonderful thing!

I have done a little bit of art, some gardening, some housework, but no blogging.  My health is dramatically improved, my stamina and interest in life in general is up, and my desire to just sit at the computer or read has almost evaporated!

Here are a few photos of my projects.  I will do a second post in a bit with photos from the aquaponics garden, which is flourishing now that the fish are feeding it! :)

 First up are the two pages I did for a friend in her new traveling art journal.  I used modeling paste, glass bead gel, and a gelli-print.  The flowers are embossed stamped images, words are rubon letters, the mushrooms are freehand cutouts from some scrap papers, the insects are all K&Co embellishments.

The second page is all gelli prints with rubons and sticker.

This is a little heart I did for a friend on Instagram who has made a canvas with 144 squares on it and she asked for people to send hearts, one for each square.   So, I made this one for her.  It is a gelli print with some glass bead gel and silk flowers.  I named it "love letter" :)

This next piece is a new size for me--I have done one other piece in the 4X4" size.  This is for a Swap-bot swap in the Mixed Media group.  It was a challenge, and you were required to use at least three elements from a list of media.

Next, I worked on another journal.  Gelli-print backgrounds, glass bead gel through stencil, book page image (rabbit) stamped tissue paper, and punched images.  The flower was the last remaining one I had in my stash and it just really asked to be included. :)

I recently did a new set of gelli-prints, and this was one of the envelopes I created.  I was pretty pleased with the results of this session.  Each time I think I am getting a bit more creative and I like the results better.

This last piece is the first of two art journal pages I am sending to an IG friend in Scotland.  Just a bunch of scraps from my stash, and a little bit of imagination.  I am going to have a hard time sending this one off...which could be why I have been so slow about making the second page!  Hopefully I will get that done (along with a bunch of other projects) in the next day or two.

That's all for now.  Coming soon: Aquaponics update, garden update, and reorganization post for my studio. I still have a few letters to reply to, and I know other art journals are on their way, so it will be a busy spring!!


Julie Steed said...

I always enjoy seeing what you've been up to, Tracy. So many lovely bits. I especially love the envie and your house page. The glass bead gel through the stencil has me intrigued. Will have to try that.

How does this traveling art journal thing work? I have always wanted to do a circle journal and this sounds very similar.

Cheers, my friend!

orneryswife said...

Yes, Julie, the traveling art journal is the same thing as a circle journal. A group of people decide on a theme (or not) and size, then the journals travel in the same order each time. Once it is finished, all the people in the group have added a page or two to the journal. It is so fun! I'll keep you in mind for the next one if you'd like! :)

Shannon said...

I love my tile! Such a fun and inspirational swap! Thank you so much! :)♥

Families of the Nations said...

Good to hear you are full of zing and pep as spring progresses!