Sunday, June 1, 2014

In and Out Mail Art

The mail has been flying around the world between Zoe Cottage and parts far-flung! Here is a picture of my table last week while I was sorting things out, filing, and tossing a bit of the incoming mail...

The box in front is full of ONE pen pal's letters/mail!  She is a prolific mailer! :)  We swap a lot of washi tape, and have done other projects together, besides just writing letters.  I imagine her stash of MY incoming mail looks similar!  I ended up recording a lot of the information gleaned from the letters and tossing the actual letters in the trash because I just don't have room to store all that--and then to what end? I am not very sentimental, but I will say that some of these letters were keepers, and I couldn't part with them. They are inspiring with all the artistic additions and sweet sentiments. It's okay to keep, but it is also okay to toss, right?

I have also sent my fair share of fun out into the system, and here are a couple of mailings I sent recently.
 This one was an altered file folder.

And this was a pile of outgoing mail last Monday. I do love sending pretty envelopes with washi tape and vintage stamps!

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Andi Filante said...

I envy all the real mail you send and receive! You have such a talent. :)