Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blogging A to Z 2015: Blog Like a Boss!

It's hard to believe that we are almost at the end of February, which means that I only have one month to prepare for April and the big Blogging from A to Z challenge. But, I am not worried. I have a good handle on it this year.  My list of ideas is filled in and I have already begun writing my posts, including my Great Theme Reveal post scheduled for March 23rd.

This April 17th marks my 8th year on Blogger!  I have written over 2250 posts during those years, the majority of them on my first blog (1448) Thoughts from Miller Manor which I no longer have public. When I started out all my topics were there, and believe me, there were a LOT of topics! But my second son-in-law suggested I break them down and use different blogs for different topics.  So I started a recipe blog and a crafts blog.

The blog I am currently using started out as a weight loss blog, but I decided last year to combine all my online personas and be easily recognizable wherever I virtually appeared. I figured if the Pioneer Woman could do it successfully, why not ME?  Why, it worked so well that on my birthday Google had a spiffy little doodle with cakes and party icons and a link to my Google+ which I don't have activated. Which was actually a little bit creepy.

Anyway, back to the topic.  I seem to wander off a bit lately... So, when I say I have written over 2250 posts, that would not include all the posts I deleted from this blog to make it more of a generic/all about me and my life/conglomeration of all my interests in one place blog, nor a rather large number of blog posts on Thoughts from Miller Manor that upon re-reading I felt like were not worth keeping.

These days most of my posts are art related, but from time to time I throw in something about gardening or home making or ... whatever. :) I may be a little Attention Deficit Disordered.  For sure there are other disorders going on in my head!

When I first began blogging I wrote about anything and everything, and sometimes wrote two or three posts in a day.  (OCD is another of those disorders mentioned above) and eventually I burned out. Poof. Gone from the interwebs for months at a time. Then we moved to Zoe Cottage, and I blogged under a new blog name, but I never got my mojo back for writing and posting. I am hoping this foray back into the blog-hop world will restart my word-engine and I will be back at the keyboard more frequently. It's on my schedule. My Wunderlist App reflects my goal. I have Alarm Droid to remind me to get on the computer. Now for the follow through.  I need a self-starter app...


andi filante said... you've got pressure? I admire people who participate in these challenges, but I know I'D never be up for it. :P


Lisa said...

So glad you've signed up for the A to Z Challenge! This is my third year and for some reason I decided I could also co-host it! Arg! I hope you'll enjoy doing the challenge as much as I have. It is quite inspirational to read such a diverse bunch of blogs, to see the effort and energy that goes in to each one! Good luck and I'll see you there!
Lisa of Lisa's LiveWires!
Co-Host A to Z Challenge