Thursday, June 9, 2016

More decorating

A few little artsy projects going on around here.

This mobile was in my other house when the walls were orange, and it had different colors and designs on the little flags. But after looking at it for almost five years here, I decided to give it a facelift.  I used alcohol ink on yupo paper, and glued the shapes into the old ones. Then I painted the arms copper and we moved it from out in the open area at the end of the hall where no one saw it, to this spot above the half wall between the kitchen and dining room.

You can see the walls are still beige in the kitchen, and there is a lot showing above the cabinets. So I decided to paint some canvases with similar colors found in the mobile.

I only have three finished so far, but I'm hoping to get them done and hung by the end if the weekend. Eventually we plan to paint the cabinets to match the off-white trim and doors, but in the between time, this should add some visual interest.  They are meant to be backgrounds for assorted glass and copper treasures as I find them.

Meanwhile, I've made all these little houses, a d reworked an old canvas and now these are on the dining room wall above the puzzle case Ornery built for me a few years ago.

The blank space to the left if the canvas is for another project in the works, that will showcase my collection of house themed Artist Trading Cards. There are a few other houses that I need to think about for awhile longer to decide on how to hang them. But I am delighted with the 'hood as it is so far.

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andi filante said...

I love those houses. I pretty much love any house art. I have two coordinating cross-stitch pieces I did years ago of houses and a town. We finally got them hung up in the new house on what will be my gallery wall. I love the colors on that framed piece. so happy and cheerful!