Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Art, A Little Organizing, A Little Destruction...

Well, I have a few photos to share from the past few days.

 I got a few new paints this past week, and I had to make some room for them.  Much reorganizing ensued, and this drawer got a serious makeover!  This is the after picture, I didn't take one before!

 My new Gelli-printing plate has all kinds of potential, but my learning curve seems to be fairly steep.  So, I joined a new group on Swap-Bot called The Print Shop, and it's all about Gelli print making!  They have a swap up for some hand-made stencils, and this was my first effort.  I found some fairly thick clear plastic and cut until I raised a blister.  I drew the feather, then cut it with an exacto knife.  I made two different attempts at it, and still didn't get it like I wanted it, but I think good enough for the swap.  I will play with it some more when I can feel my finger again! :P

 My pen-friend Karen and I decided to do a private swap for a 5X7 card.  This is what I made for her.  All the inchies and twinchies (1 and 2 inch squares) are cut from my first set of Gelli prints, then I embellished them all and put them on a collage of vintage maps that I sprayed with some ink.

 This and the next ATC are both made on Gelliprint backgrounds.  I had such a great response from the first one I made with the "violets" on it, that I made these for two different Swap-Bot swaps. The flowers are cut from a piece of sheet music I painted with twinkling H20 watercolors.

 Awhile back I made a master board (large collage to be cut into smaller pieces) and this was the last remaining ATC.  I added quite a few little scraps, the "spunky" flag and some glass bead gel on the leaf, hat and little key part that is cut out of gold card at the bottom.  It was snatched right up as soon as I posted it for trade. :)
 This ATC is on a background someone sent me in a swap.  The little scalloped edge piece is the back of a note that came in another swap.  I used ink and Fancy Pants rub-ons that I bought when a local scrapbook store went out of business about three or four years ago.  Still trying to use up my stuff!

This last piece is a 4X6 post card for a Swap Bot swap for red postcards.  It has a lot of different pieces of printed and painted papers, washi tape, baker's twine, calendar photos, and all sorts of mediums applied, from crackle paint to liquid laminate, glitter, ink, acrylic paint and tiny silver glass beads.

As for the title's "destruction" here is my tale.  Today I had to tackle the mound of dishes in the kitchen or face dire consequences.  Apparently among the dishes was the cap for a jelly jar I had emptied a day or two ago.  Did you know that jar lids and disposals are not compatible?!  The disposal won, the lid is in the trash, the jar is topless (gasp!) and likely destined for the recycle bin. So sad. :(

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Julie Steed said...

Every time I see those violets against that green I drool a little. They're so GORGEOUS together!

I could be totally making this up, but vaguely recall a something-special you can buy to cut your stencils. Some kind of heat tool maybe? Might help with those blisters...