Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Little Bit of Art

It seems like since my sister left, I have been just playing catch-up on the house work, laundry, sleep... It was a delightful visit, and I am so glad they came.  Ornery has been slow about getting back out there to work as well.  I think we were both pretty worn out!

I did do a little bit of art this week, a post card swap with some Instagram friends,

and work on one of my traveling journals.  The front cover is made from the gelli prints I made while Mimi was here.  I cut them to make this design...

Then I took it to Office Depot and they spiral bound it for me and I brought it back home and added all these ribbons to the spiral...

It took me several hours to cut, tie and clean up the mess from that project, but the journal should be in the mail on Monday headed to its first stop.  This journal is for just three of us, all Washi-tape aficionados!

I have been working on my studio since 3:00 this morning, doing laundry (I didn't know we even owned that many clothes!!) and cleaning up the kitchen.  It is starting to look a little less like a hurricane blew through here, and more like the tidy place we are (mostly) used to! Ornery has been fussing with his GFCI outlet in the new room, and finally discovered the problem in the wall switch that turns on the lights.

We both have rather long lists of things to do but we have crossed off quite a few things already this weekend, so that feels good.

  • It's time to start working on the taxes, a chore I always dread but feel extremely smug about once I am finished
  • I just got my first order of doTERRA essential oils and have a heap of educating myself to do with those. 
  • I am involved in two traveling journal projects, several ATC "jams" or round-robin sets which travel from one person to another and get stuff added at each stop, and I am signed up for a few swaps on Swap-Bot.  
  • We are still gathering the needed supplies for our aquaponics garden--the most pressing is the grow media.  I just placed an order for some Grow Stones--everything for the project seems to be quite costly, but hopefully it will be worth it once the fresh veggies start producing.
  • I need to organize some menu plans and do a bit of freezer cooking.  Everything is just about empty, and I prefer to have a few things that are quick and easy to prepare on hand for days I just don't feel like cooking (or would much rather keep playing instead of spending time in the kitchen!)
  • We still have a bit of housework to catch up is always messy, and much detritus was dragged in onto the carpet. I really hate to vacuum...
So, that is our upcoming week.  


LittleMyoo said...

I hate vacuuming too. I'm glad I don't have carpet anymore, but this laminate floor has its own issues. We had too many weird things last year (buying/selling house) so I'm actually going to hire someone to do our taxes this time. Even so, I still dread it!


JoJo said...

I cleaned my house for the first time in 2 weeks. My guy was home a lot due to the holidays, truck issues and weather so it's pointless to try and keep the place tidy. he takes great pleasure in 'Russelling Up' the house.

I've referred one of my dear friends and fellow blogger, Sonnia, over here to possibly connect w/ you. She loves washi tape and penpals.

Julie Steed said...

I'm getting tired reading your post. ;) My dad had an aquaponics garden a bazillion years ago. He grew the most amazing tomatoes!