Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Quick little Update

The incoming mail has finally started to slow down a little bit, but it appears the art journals are moving again, and at a rapid rate! I have one that I am working on for the first swap that started back in January, and I am the last stop before it goes home.  It is turning out to be a rather monumental project, but possibly (if I can get my ideas translated to the page) my best yet.

Last post I put a photo of an art journal page I was sending to Scotland, here is the other side of that page.

The first side was life in the country, this side is life in the city. :)  I used a variety of gelli-prints and some printed paper, as well as acrylic paint and some rub-on letters. Not too fancy, but I thought a good complement to the other page.

I've been more inspired to do fancy stuff with my letters than actual art, and I still have an abundance of replies to send out.  About the time I think I am all caught up, I get more pen pal letters in the mail. It's a good thing, though. I currently enjoy correspondence the best of all my ongoing projects. It is a bit like blogging, only the audience is just ONE person instead of an undisclosed number, and the comment is more than just a short sentence since it is not likely to be seen by anyone else.

I have pen friends in lots of places these days. Norway, England, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, Philippines, Hawaii, and a host from all over the USA. So far in 2014 I have sent out over 300 pieces of mail.

I had slowed way down on the swapping I was doing, but have recently picked back up a little. I post on Instagram first, and sometimes later post my pictures here.

The gardens are all happy, the fish are thriving and quite interested in me when I go out to feed them every morning, and life seems to be clipping right along at a steady but not-too-hectic pace. Elizabeth and Michael were very generous with their Mother's Day gifts and I have been enjoying the new The Art of Whimsical Lettering book by Joanne Sharpe, which was part of what they bought for me.  I still haven't fully settled into the studio since I have added so many new storage options, but one of these days I will be bitten by the organizing bug and tear into it. Right now, I am just focused on the next thing that needs to be done.  And right now, that is fixing lunch! :)

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