Monday, May 12, 2014

Art Journal Pages

This art journal is the last one in the set of traveling journals that started in January. I recently received a new lettering book that gave me courage to try my hand at some artistic lettering.

Ornery is much better at drawing than I am, so I asked him for a little help. He drew the outlines for the chair, trailer and pickup tailgate. I used a lot of different media on this. Intense pencils, Tombow markers, gel pens, alcohol inks, silks acrylic glaze, gelli-prints, coir, and distress ink. It took me several days, because I am not the speediest artist around, and there were many new skills required. I didn't master than, but I didn't shy away either. I liked how it all turned out.


Families of the Nations said...

I like it too!

Jackie Parkins said...

That's beautiful! I love how you colored the little flower power trailer.

Andi Filante said...

I love the tire swing over the creek! BAM! You took my instantly back to my childhood!