Friday, June 26, 2015

Little by Little

I sort of flaked on posting a weekend review, and here it is almost another weekend so I thought I would take a moment to check in.

Today is our second day of boots on the ground training for our real estate education, and if the first day was any indication, our heads will be swimming again this evening when we are finished. We learned so much yesterday about how to be successful in wholesale real estate, and the instructor had us already taking action, even while we were in the class.  It was great!

This morning I ordered Ornery some new business cards and magnets for the sides of his truck--a feature I NEVER thought to see on any of his vehicles!!  He is very determined to make this business successful, and I am doing everything I can to help him along.  He seems to appreciate my encouragement and coaching, so I don't feel like I am just an unusable appendage!

We are still both slowly losing weight, which is quite exciting!  Elizabeth is also losing weight and is delighted with her results, and I have spoken with my sister who has exceeded her monthly weight loss goal of 10 lbs. per month (with a week left in the month!) and has much more energy than before. She gave some to her husband who was dragging his tail, and it perked him up so much he is starting to take it.

I have tentatively reached out to a few people I knew who had done the hCG weight loss program when we were doing it, but I haven't really done much else to promote it, even though the Facebook group I am in has testimonies of people overcoming a plethora of health issues and losing massive amounts of weight just from taking two capsules of these supplements twice every day.

I read a post about a woman this morning who has terrible tremors in her hands and the Heart and Hydration drink has helped her to get part of her life back--she is not completely healed, but remarkably better.  Others have Crohn's Disease, Lyme Disease, IBS and Fibromyalgia  have seen remarkable improvements in their symptoms.  Depression, ADHD, Thyroid conditions, High Blood Pressure and even Diabetes medications have been reduced or are no longer needed at all. The positive results simply amaze me, and the conditions which the human population has accepted as "normal" or acceptable are so debilitating--it makes me sad.

So, as my post title says, little by little things are moving ahead here.  We have committed to do between 1 and 5 small actions every day toward success in our business. It seems crazy to think progress would happen with so little, but over time, those little actions add up, and the results are cumulative.  It's so different from my old ways of overwhelming myself by biting off whole elephants at a time! I think this is more sustainable, and hopefully more productive in the long run. We shall see!

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