Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekend in Review: Update

We have been taking the new supplements for a few weeks now and the changes are gradual but marked. Ornery took his blood pressure this morning and had a normal reading for the first time in several years. It hasn't been high enough to need medicine, but he had worked pretty hard before and it was not much better than it is after just three weeks on these supplements.  He has lost enough in his stomach and back side that his jeans are droopy in the back and his dress pants are comfortable again.

We both have had better mental clarity and sustained energy, although I have periods during some of the days when I crash hard in the afternoon, but after a short nap I am right back at it again.  I have also noted that my clothes (which are admittedly fairly baggy to begin with) are looser than they were, and while I haven't really lost much on the scales, I can tell from the way I feel that I am losing inches. I have also noted more flexibility and that I am able to stand and walk longer than I had been before and am more comfortable laying down.

Ornery has especially noticed that he is no longer craving snacks all the time, and we both drink at least twice as much water as we had been before we started. Other body signs are indicating improved overall health, so we are very happy with the results.

In the Facebook group where members are able to view many before and after pictures, I am constantly amazed at the transformation that is taking place in so many people's lives. The younger ones are obviously losing quicker, and those with less to lose seem to show it very quickly--some even during the 7 day trial pack--but even the old dogs like us are seeing dramatic results.  There have even been a couple posts of 100 lb. losses.  The company is only a year old, so I can't see any problem with results like that!

I set up a landing page in blogger for trial packs, and there are links there as well to the main company page for more information. I haven't really advertised this anywhere other than here on this blog because it is still fairly new to us, and I'd prefer to have a really WOW story to share, but I'd really love for many of my friends and family members who are struggling with various health issues and overweight to check it out and hopefully get some great results, too.

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Sandy said...

I'm so happy it's working for you guys. I go for blood work this week and I'm hoping to get good results, hoping for better than last time. I was excited because I've lost 10 more lbs. I'm up to 31 now. I'm excited for the extra energy more than the weight loss. Just the simple fact that I feel like getting up every day and doing things is a great feeling.