Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More Craftiness

Ol' Ornery has a new blog!  He is going to be documenting various DIY projects this year, and has his first post up already.  If you'd like to see how he made my new pen storage and tool caddy, you can see it here.

Isn't that spiffy?  He used plastic downspout, cut uniformly, then glued in stacks. I put washi tape around all the ends. :)  The caddy was one I already had, but the containers I was using were not functional and they didn't match. *Gasp!*  I love this new set up.  In fact, I just want to sit and look at it all the time! Since this photo was taken, I have moved pencils into all those empty slots. Does anyone really need that many writing utensils?  Yes. Yes, I do. :)

He hasn't been the only one crafting.  I had a delightful session with my gelli-plate last week, and I forgot to post photos. So, here they are. 

About 40 prints on a recycled eBook printout, four file folders used to clean off my brayer and stencils, and two tamale bags, which I use for sending things through the mail.

I may have gone a little crazy setting up and joining swaps on Swap-Bot this week.  All the creative juices seem to be flowing and with the new schedule I have set up, I seem to be much more organized and productive in all areas of my life.  My house is cleaner, we are eating at home more, we are having a daily quiet time, and I have been keeping up with my correspondence and having time to write and do art. Of course I go to bed at 7:00 PM...  

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Jackie Parkins said...

Your Gelli plate prints are gorgeous and I love your new pen storage. My David isn't quite that good with tools, but I might sneak in the workshop/shed when it gets warmer and see what I can cook up. I apologize for taking so long to reply to your letter, I hope to get going again soon.