Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tax Time

Every year I determine I will keep my records neat and tidy all year long so when it is time to gather things to take to the accountant it won't be an onerous chore. Every year I am scrambling around in January to total receipts, locate missing invoices and print out statements--things I failed to do month by month. Will I ever be that organized?  Or does it really take that much more time in one lump than it would over the course of the year?

This way, I only have to concentrate on the task for a few hours, whereas if I had to do it every month, I would have to think about it twelve times! Hmm.  Maybe my system is better after all. :)

I like to do the chore in January, well like is a bit strong of a word... maybe prefer is better.  I clean out old papers, organize the file drawers, shred the documents that need shredding and review things like insurance and that sort of thing. It is a nice feeling when it is all done; which won't be for awhile yet!

I have made my appointment for the accountant for February 18th.  I really don't have any idea if we will get a refund this year. I seem to have lost touch with that sort of thing since we have someone else file for us. We used to do it, until we had to refile for several years to claim a deduction we had missed.

Meanwhile, I just got a text from the property manager saying they have an application for a lease on the rental house. I don't know if they will qualify, but I hope it goes through.  Thinking about taxes, reviewing bank statements and considering finances, I was all the more aware that we need to get some income coming in from it. Now.

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