Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Journal Project

One of my friends on Instagram has asked me to swap art with her this year with a friendship journal. We each make a cover for the other person and then send pages monthly to fill it. Here is the cover I made.
Outside back and front

Inside front and back


I started working on a page last night. I'd like to send two pages with the covers. We'll see.

We have a rather long to-do list between now and Sunday. The new dishwasher is scheduled to be installed Friday, and I need to get things ready for that. The temperatures are forecast to be in the 50's so we hope to get errands done before Saturday so we can work in the garden while it's nice.

We've been getting up really early (3:00 AM) because of Ornery's work schedule. It's been nice to get more done during the day, but by 7:00 PM I'm toast! I'm hoping we will adjust soon, and that I have more energy during the day than I have the last couple of days!

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