Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Appreciate for Increase

(I had this up yesterday, but I had forgotten about the theme reveal, and I didn't want to confuse those who dropped by for that post. Sorry for the confusion. )
What with one thing and another we seem to already be behind on our coaching calls, and we missed both the first group call as well as the first Tough Love Mentoring call with T. Harv Eker.  Yesterday we listened to the TLM call and one of the many things I took away from that was the principal of appreciation for increase.

I have always known that you get more of what you think about. It's a scriptural principal as well as one backed by empirical data. But I never really considered it in quite the light that Harv presented; when something appreciates it gets bigger. Well, yeah!

The question indicated that the person was focused on lack instead of being appreciative for what she had.  If she ever expected to receive more (money, happiness, health, etc.) she needed to appreciate that which she already had, Harv suggested.

I've seen this in my own life repeatedly.  When I am frustrated in a relationship and focused on what is going wrong, every thing that arises related to it seems to bring more pain. Yet, when I am appreciative for the other person, the relationship sails along smoothly.  Concerning health, when I focus on pain or some area of dislike for my physical body (almost always my weight) it seems I get more pain or MORE fat!  It is a challenge to turn my focus from what hurts me and instead observe, magnify and appreciate all the good things I have going on.

But as with all behavior it is learned.  Habitual complaining can turn to habitual gratitude.  Either way I will get more of that which I focus on, so I am determined to make the things I get more of GOOD things!

It's a work in progress for sure, but I can see great benefit for being appreciative.  As the good things grow, they will crowd out the bad like a healthy lawn has no room for weeds.  My exercise today is to list five areas in my life for which I can express appreciation.

  1. Freedom; I am not enslaved by anyone. I can come and go as I please, can share my thoughts and opinions freely, have the freedom to make choices that affect every area of my life from finances to health to education, spirituality, relationships and beyond. 
  2. Health; Mental, physical and emotional health are huge, HUGE blessings for which I am grateful. I had a short bout of the sniffles last week and it made me realize how healthy I am overall that such a small and insignificant "illness" would make me so indignant!  I appreciate my ability to think clearly enough to process the information I am receiving and apply it to my life to great gain.
  3. Love; As I am writing my history, I am recalling instances all through my life that show how very much I was loved as a child. Not a single moment of the day goes by that I am not fully aware of how much my Heavenly Father and my husband love me unconditionally.   
  4. Comfort; While I am hoping to expand my comfort zone, I have to say I appreciate the fact that I have a home to live in that is cool in the summer heat and warm in the frigid winter. It is roomy enough to accommodate our possessions and aesthetically pleasing. 
  5. Purpose; At this time in my life my purpose is not as clear to me as when I was raising my children, but each day as I express gratitude for my purpose, it is unfolding to me. 

Are there things in each of these areas that are concerns? You betcha! My freedom is limited by past decisions; I have pain in my body on a regular basis; not every relationship in my life is rosy; I'd be happy to move to a different house; some days I feel adrift with no reason for existence.  BUT while I could focus on these aspects(and have in times past), I choose to look at all the good things instead.  As I appreciate the good things, I receive more of them, and slowly but surely they are edging out all the bad!

Can you think of five things you are grateful for today? Have you expressed appreciation for the good things in your life?

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