Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Uncomfortable: Good or Bad?

I must be living really well for time to go by so quickly, right?  I mean, if you are bored, time seems to drag on and on but if you are busy then you barely notice the passing of the days--you look up and suddenly almost a week has gone by since you have posted to your blog!!

Well, I actually have been posting to my blog, but all the posts are scheduled for April!  I actually have all 26 posts written, (Yay!!) but I still have some photos to take and upload.  That was quite an accomplishment for me!  So, whether or not I actually get everything finished by April 1, the show will go on, because even without the photos, I have some pretty good content scheduled!

I've spent a few hours tooling around through the list of participants, and I've been surprised (and a little sad) that more aren't "regular" (as in frequent) posters.  Some only have a single post on their blog dated around the time they joined the challenge. A lot of the blogs are a challenge to comment on--you have to sign in to Wordpress or Google+ -- or the landing page just has snippets of the posts so you have to click to read more.  I'm a lazy blog reader, and a quick one.  I don't have a lot of time to read posts that don't interest me, so if I have to click to read more, I won't bother.

Meanwhile, I've replied to all my incoming correspondence and Ornery and I are working hard on our goals--he is refining what and why, and I have begun taking one small action step per day.  Today I wrote my outline for my book.  Each day I will do one more thing and one day it will be done! I have to admit I have been a little overwhelmed by the task of writing a whole book, but there are thousands of people who have done it, so why not me?

So, today was the outline, tomorrow will be a few pages of text. I don't know why I feel like what I write has to be edited and ready for others to read when I stop for the day, but that is the thought I have been working from, so allowing myself the freedom to do just one small thing is uncomfortable for me.

I mentioned last week that Ornery and I have been reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, and one of the mean, nasty, hard things he says is that in order to grow (rich, successful, character, etc.) we have to get out of our comfort zone. My inner self says, "But we LIKE being comfortable!!  Why you wanna mess with things??"  I have had to give my self permission to want success--more than I have already. And, I have had to decide that I want the benefits more than I want to be comfortable.  So, I'm doing all sorts of things I am not comfortable doing.  Well, that wouldn't be hard because I am most comfortable sitting doing nothing--or reading or working a puzzle or playing a card game or reading Instagram or ... you get the picture.  Those mindless, nonsupportive actions that will lead me exactly to the place I already am!

So, my goal for this week is to be extremely uncomfortable.  Do the tasks I have put off, quit overlooking that pile of stuff I don't know what to do with -- just make a decision and get rid of it! -- get in the kitchen and make some healthy food options so we don't just eat the same stuff every day... and write on my WIP every day.

We've already made some significant changes in our routine this year, and they are beginning to pay off in character development and the sense of feeling good about ourselves for even small accomplishments. I tell Dave every day, "I believe in you." He has always believed in me, but never in himself. Everyone should have someone who believes in them, right?

Last night we watched a webinar on the Ultimate Life Makeover that ended in signing up for some personal coaching.  Is that uncomfortable?  You betcha!!  It will be four months (to start) of weekly accountability to a group.  Yikes!

What do we hope to gain?

  1. To reach the end of the year with increased monetary net worth
  2. better sense of wellness
  3. personal character growth
  4. new friends who will encourage, challenge, motivate and educate us
  5. a sense of purpose
  6. tools, wisdom and support
  7. Several sources of passive income
We are both pretty hyped, and to be on the journey together is such a joy! So, while the ride may be bumpy and uncomfortable as we have to stretch and grow, at least I have a great sidekick who cheers me on and is motivating me by example. Life is grand!

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Robyn Proctor Hinkle said...

Wow, you got started early. Good for you! I know what you mean, a lot of the blogs I've looked at their last post was like in November. Great goals for April!