Monday, March 30, 2015

Home Alone

Ornery is on a trip this week.  He left Sunday morning and won't be back until next Saturday.  I had the option to go on the driving trip to visit his mom's relatives with him, his mom and sister, but even though I will miss him sorely, I decided I had plenty to do here and would enjoy the break in routine.

Yesterday afternoon I sat down and made a monster list and a detailed schedule so I could accomplish all the tasks I wanted to accomplish in his absence.  My life is not such that I couldn't do the tasks if he was here; it's not like he is demanding or anything, but somehow we end up talking or doing something together and I get distracted.

My list and schedule give me a room each day to clean, and certain foods to cook for the freezer plus a few other tasks that keep getting shuffled to the back burner.  There is time each day for 3 hours of writing on my memoirs, and time in the afternoon for a nice little reward of writing letters. April 1st is the beginning of National Letter Writing Month, and I have committed to sending 30 letters in 30 days.  The weather is pretty nice this week, so I am also planning to spend some time in the yard.

At some point I will go back over all my Blogging A to Z posts and make sure they are all ready to go. Otherwise, I am pretty focused on my tasks.  If I get everything done by the end of the week, I plan to get my gelli-plate out and have a paint day.  I like rewards...


betty said...

I always did enjoy the times hubby would be gone for a short period of time. Enjoyed the remote to myself, LOL, and eating simple or when I wanted to, etc. Seems like you have lots of good things to do this week to keep yourself busy :)


andi filante said...

Phil used to take a couple little business trips each year and Emma and I would pick a room and totally redo it while he was gone...I loved those times! He's not gone very much anymore (and Emma is gone too) so I don't have as much opportunity to get myself in trouble. ;)