Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend in Review: Planty-plant-plant

Ah, spring in Oklahoma. Rain, wind, rain, a bit of sunshine, more rain... the yard is rather swampish, and the weeds in the yard have reared their lovely heads en masse, a state certain to rankle our neighbors who all meticulously groom their lawns.  The rain gauge showed a whopping 2.5" of rainfall this week, so it's no wonder we sloshed through the muddy mess to finish planting our garden.

But plant it we did!  We have five tomato plants, two zucchini, six celery, a dozen or so pepper plants of various types, a bunch of lettuce and a rather impressive collection of herbs: sage, tarragon, rosemary, chives, cilantro, coriander, parsley, two types of thyme, lavender, Corsican basil, oregano, sweet marjoram and stevia.  We also put in a few flowers; some carnations, petunias, nasturtiums, zinnias, hollyhocks and Irish Poet flowers.

It appears that everything that was supposed to return  from last year is doing so, including one of the two hydrangeas I thought had both perished due to my excellent skills at neglecting things. The only plant I haven't seen yet is the stunning dahlia with pink and white striped flowers, but if that is all that doesn't come back (and I am not sure but what it is just too early for it yet) then I will be pleased and surprised!  This week the cannas began coming up, and many of the perennials have already started blooming.  The bees are hard at the task of pollinating, especially the perennial salvia. I am delighted! :)

Ornery's mom and I worked a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle on Saturday.  It took us 7 hours, but we had worked it before. She says she had never worked it before, but she says that about every puzzle and I don't think I have any that I haven't worked with her at least one time! I haven't really figured out how she gets any pieces together since she doesn't "get" the design in the picture, not even after I have explained to her what the images are. She handed me a pile of pieces that were forming a calendar grid and said she "hadn't figured out all these little flowers." There are letters and words, but she completely ignores them, or misreads them, or something. She doesn't use the same logic for shape that I use, and she doesn't distinguish color very well, so the division of labor is usually about 95% me, and 5% her.  But she seems to enjoy doing puzzles, and always says how grateful she is that I included her in my day.

We also listened to another coaching call, and even did some of the action points. This week's theme was health and wellness, and it is also our priority category for the 16 weeks. Ornery had great success getting into shape several years ago with the Power 90 workouts, so he has decided to start doing them again after several years of mostly sedentary lifestyle. Ugh.  I couldn't really even get through the stretches, and while he did parts of the whole session, I think he was sore today.  It will take some time working up to that again.

It was a nice weekend, though, in spite of Saturday's rain. Hopefully Ornery will be able to mow the weeds tonight before our next coaching call. It seems we missed the replay of last week's call until the weekend, then scheduled another for this morning, which we watched, and have another one from a different program tonight. It seems that saturation is the order of the day around here!


Birgit said...

It sounds like you had a jam packed weekend. Glad you had that nice time with your mom. My hubby was outside reworking the front garden (flowers)

WM Anderson said...

Oh please send some of that rain this way. The pump from the dam is broken so I cannot plant any new season's vegetables yet for lack of water. grrrrrrr
Wendy at Wendy of The Rock

orneryswife said...

Wendy, If I could send you rain, I would! I know a lot of places are really hurting for rain, and we are... not. In fact it is raining again today with 100% chance throughout the day.