Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend in Review: Memorial Day

While the sun is almost blinding in its intensity this morning, it has been conspicuously absent all weekend. Memorial Day weekend has typically found us wringing out from a deluge, and this year was no different. I don't know just how much rain we got from Thursday through Monday, but it was over 5 inches. We were blessed to not have to be out in it, or near any of the streams or rivers that swelled way beyond their banks.

While the skies wept, we were snug and comfy in our house. My hip bothered me all weekend, so most of the projects I had hoped to see accomplished went undone, but we did manage to clean up the mess in the garden room and plant the flowers Elizabeth gave me for Mother's Day. Elizabeth came over for a few hours on Sunday and worked on her shawl.

Saturday and Sunday Ornery watched a bunch of webinars and I read, caught up on my correspondence, worked some puzzles and made washi tape note cards. Monday I did all the laundry while he went in to work. He said it was quiet and he was very productive--always a nice feeling.

His mom came over to work a jigsaw puzzle with me in the afternoon, but she scared herself driving in the heavy rain on Friday and was hesitant to stay late for fear she would be caught in it again. I asked her how her house was coming after the neighbor's huge tree had landed on it, and she said that due to all the rain they hadn't been able to do anything other than remove the tree and put a tarp on the roof. The tarp has not kept the rain from dripping inside, so she has huge fans on the carpets, and is still living in a local motel awaiting the repairs. Those repairs are pretty extensive, since the tree crushed the upstairs guest room and did damage to the master bedroom below.

Last night as soon as they finished unloading the moving truck, Ryan came over to pick up the van and we had a nice visit. He starts his new job today.

We are both really happy with the results we are seeing from the supplements we are taking--plenty of energy, reduced appetite, and noticeable weight loss. I got on the scales for the first time today, so I don't know exactly how many pounds I have lost, but my clothes are getting pretty loose, and Ornery's jeans are hanging on him. He has been weighing from the first, and has taken off 4-5 lbs. in the week he has been on the product.

As usual, we spent hours and hours discussing all sorts of things and I am always sad to see him leave after the weekend to go back to work. Here we are in the last week of the month, closing in on the half-way mark for the year. So far it has been exciting and a lot of work, but we are both really encouraged by the prospects, and in one of our discussions this weekend we both agreed that at the end of 2015 we will have seen some significant changes rather than reflecting on a year that was ending the same as the previous one, five, ten or twenty. That feels really good!

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Families of the Nations said...

Glad Ryan and his family made their journey to OK without trouble from the big rain storms! Great to hear how you and Dave are progressing toward your goals!