Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mixed Media Art

The request was for some flowers in lots of colors.  Here is my response.  It is going to a pen friend in the Philippines.
 This piece is 8X10, and for the flowers I used a page from the journal I bought when I first got my twinkling h2O watercolors.  I had traced around some chipboard shapes and tried to paint flowers using all the colors I had at the time.  They were just scattered around on the page, so when I was asked to make this, I cut out all those flowers and dressed them up a bit with some glitter.  Then I cut leaves from a page I painted with greens for that purpose, and a vase from a bit of black paper I had experimented on to see what twinks would do on a black background.

I still had some flowers left, and a piece of this cool background paper, also painted with twinks this past week, so I made a 5X7 sized card for a friend.
Still on that flower kick...

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