Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekend in Review: Super Dooper

Hello, poor deserted blog. Honestly, if I hadn't scheduled all my A to Z posts, I am not sure I would have posted more than a handful of times in April.  Life is zipping along.

This weekend we spent a lot of time working on the courses we signed up for at the Millionaire Mind Experience*. We are currently in two programs, one is called Master Wealth Creator and the other is Mastering the Markets*.  Both courses had already begun when we joined, so we started out behind.  This weekend we worked on getting caught up.  We updated our wills, recorded all our expenses for the month of April, and listened to all the calls for one program. I think we are mostly caught up, but it has taken a concerted effort!  There is still a lot of homework, (practicing and memorizing mostly) and we still have all the actions required and weekly calls for the two group coaching programs we were signed up for prior to Dallas.
(* Please Note: the above links take you to the sites and use our affiliate numbers to give us financial imbursement should you attend the event or sign up for the products/services.)

I also signed up for a free 7 Day Book Writing Challenge that begins today. Well, for me it will begin tomorrow, because the time slot on my new Week at a Glance planner for writing was in the morning and we haven't gotten our first assignment yet.  Ornery is at a disadvantage since he has to go to work everyday--I can work on the modules while he is gone, but he has to do the work in the evenings.  Later this week he is headed to New Mexico for his job for a few days, so that could create even more of a time crunch for him.  However, the nature of the job is that there is a considerable amount of waiting around doing nothing, so he might be able to do some studying then.

I had another emotional breakthrough this week: this one is related to my thinking and learning.  When I was in the 7th grade, my Dad was married to his second wife.  It was a stressful time for me, and even more so when I missed a week or more of school  at the end of the first semester due to illness.  I got my first ever failing marks on my report card (ironically one was in Home Economics) and I missed some key concepts and fell so far behind in math that I never really caught up.  I was in honors math at the time and we were studying algebra. From that time on I struggled with numbers, math, and anything related to them.  It was the subject I had the hardest time teaching my kids, and even the remedial math class in college was beyond my comprehension. I would look at the material and freeze.

Whether the emotional burden of having a difficult home-life was to blame or what, I don't know.  But one of the courses we are taking is for learning how to trade in the stock market (Mastering the Markets). At first I felt like I would be able to handle it, then panic set in and my conditioned mind took over. Gah!

So, yesterday I spent some time after my sauna session doing some EFT, and then later did some Heart Physics meditation to put off the fear of failure in the area of math and numbers and put on the mind of Christ.  That was before I really spent any time in the modules learning the material.  I'm not sure whether the teachers are just that good or if my mind really isn't as mathematically challenged as I have always assumed, but I actually understand everything they have presented so far, and while I will continue to review it and practice doing the work, I am relieved that I am not panicked about it anymore. In fact, I am really excited about doing the trading. :)

We got a call on Saturday (?) from our son who shared some exciting news with us that he and his family are moving back to Oklahoma as he has gotten a job in Owasso, a nearby town. We are excited that we will be able to see our grand children from time to time, although I am not going to count on that happening very often. They are moving over the Memorial Day weekend, which will be here before we know it!

I got to spend some time on Sunday playing in my studio with a few art projects and writing some letters.  Ornery also spent some time with his hobby; he cut out some more rings on his scroll saw to make the basket/bowls everyone likes so well. I cut his hair, bought groceries, cleaned up the kitchen and got the laundry done.  In all it was a very productive weekend.

It's only Tuesday, but my week has also seen a lot of productivity, and I have to say I like that a lot! I've been cooking every day, and trying some new things.  Yesterday I baked GF brownies, Saturday I made a GF pumpkin pie. Ornery says he has broken through to a "new" lower number on the scales (in the period of a couple of years.)  I haven't weighed, but I may have lost as well.  I am much more mobile this week than I was even last week, and have started taking a cane with me when I go out so I can walk for longer periods of time.  My energy/stamina is much improved, and I seem to be able to focus fairly well.  So, that's our weekend (and first part of the new week) in review! :)


WM Anderson said...

Woah... positive plus! Good for you. My baby girl was in the school musical this past week so I was pretty tied up with that but you sure make me feel like a ought to make better use of the hours in a day!
Glad to have met you in A-Z and look forward to visiting your blog.
Wendy at Wendy of The Rock

Birgit said...

Wow-very productive and taking those courses..I commend you. I am a credit counsellor so this is one topic we don't look into much since we deal with people who are in debt and are not looking at stocks etc... I hate math-lol I am a great budgeter though. I have bad joint issues so I can understand about walking...or not being able to so congrats that you were able to walk and get some exercise