Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday, and already I have gotten more cards than I have ever received for any one birthday!  Ryan and Ale sent gifts, Elizabeth and Michael gave me money (which I promptly spent on art supplies!), Ornery gave me paints, (although I picked them out and ordered them myself) and my pen-friends and swapping buddies have sent cards, goodies, and Instagram wishes all week!  I am feeling so blessed!

In other news, Michael and Elizabeth came over Sunday.  While she planted more seeds, Michael assembled a new 9 cubicle shelf unit for my studio closet.  My stuff runneth over!  Then they both helped Ornery build three raised beds outside in the backyard.  The building consisted of laying down lime, then corrugated cardboard, then putting cedar 4'X8'X12" boxes on top of that.  I need to order some mushroom compost and round up some manure to do some lasagna garden beds, but we are off to a galloping start!

Ornery got the first 18 bags of Grow Stones rinsed, soaked and rinsed again, and put them into the grow beds in the aquaponics garden room last night.  Seeds are sprouting and growing happily on the starter rack, and the weather has been absolutely beautiful!  I think it was a short lived phenomena but it was a wonderful and welcome harbinger of spring!


Julie Steed said...

Happy Birthday to you!! It's certainly off to a great start. Best wishes that it continues.

JoJo said...

Happy Birthday!!!

LittleMyoo said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was awesome!! :)