Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend in Review: A Lotta Dirt!

"Look, Ma! The seeds are UP!!"  In fact they are so tall, we had to raise the light a couple of links!  Elizabeth is over the moon excited about how well these little guys are doing.  Even the ones she planted last week are almost all up.  If we end up harvesting 1/2 of what we've planted, we are going to need to find an outlet for the excess!

There are two more trays on the shelf below that are just getting started well.  The seed starting mix she got is amazing, but I am sure things are helped along by her twice daily conversations with them, urging them to "come along, little seedies!" :)

So, here is the report on the indoor garden:  Not much happened there, except the fish tank is now filled.  We had to buy a shower filter to add to the garden hose to filter out the chlorine, and I imagine there are many other substances in the city water that won't be helpful to the occupants of the system--plants or fishies.  

Ornery's mom joined us on Friday for a puzzle working session and to buy me dinner to celebrate my birthday.  She was quite awed by the whole system Ornery has going in the garden room, and told his sister she needed to come see.  So, Saturday morning she and Monty came by for a little look-see.  After they left, the dirt hauling commenced.

Elizabeth and Michael brought over their own shovel and wheel barrow, and the three of them shoveled, and dumped, raked and repeated for a long time on Saturday, then came back for a second dose of torture on Sunday.  In all they moved 7 YARDS of dirt off the driveway and into five newly built beds,

flower beds!!  Can't wait to fill them!

Vegetable Garden beds!  Awesome dirt!

places on the lawn that needed a bit of leveling out,
and the last remaining bit into the front flower bed, which is awaiting some terracing and a general overhaul.

It looks like some giant moles have been at work out there!  I bet Ornery is a little more careful next time he guess-timates how much soil we will need!! :)


JoJo said...

Wow you've done some great work. I'm not a gardener, but I wish the weather was as nice here as it is there.

Families of the Nations said...

Amazing little truck farm right within the confines of your yard!