Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Orange ATCs, Gelli Print Envelopes and Outgoing Mail

This weekend I spent almost the whole time in my studio.  I made 10 orange ATCs, 9 for a swap...

two ATCs using emboss resist technique, one for a swap, one for my binder...

and a pile of envelopes using my new punch board out of prints from my Gelli-plate.   Five (not pictured) for a swap, the rest for me to use or send as extras in swaps. They are so pretty!

Between all the swaps and a spate of pen-pal letter writing, I had nine pieces of mail go out on Monday morning.

I got some awesome mail in return from pen friends and swap partners, so it was a fair trade!  I also got two journals to work in from the person before me in a round robin.

Yesterday in an uncustomary fit of domesticity, I was deep cleaning my bathroom. The drawer where I keep "hair things" had so much hair in it that I was having a hard time finding my comb. (probably not that bad, but nearly!) Anyway, there is a tray in there where I keep pins, clips, bands, etc. In the bottom of the tray (which I access QUITE often) was the Flex Debit card I had been searching for high and low for a couple of weeks. I had just about given up on ever finding it and was going to order a new one.

Imagine my happy dance in the bathroom when I discovered it!! Oh, it would have been embarrassing had anyone seen! Anyway, I thought, "I need to put this in my studio (where I keep my purse) so I will be sure and have it when I need it." I set it on the bathroom counter and that was the last I could remember seeing it.

Because I had been ALL over the house cleaning (I really was exceptionally productive for me!) I searched in every. single. room. TWICE!! I was still cogitating over where I might have put it when I went to bed, but I decided to tell myself, "You will find it in the morning."

Sure enough, first thing in the morning, I went right to it! :P I had come across some little eye wipe towelettes in another drawer that I normally keep in a basket on the kitchen bar and had grabbed the card and dumped them all in together. When I woke up this morning and needed one of the eye towelettes, I found the card sitting right in the top of the basket.

The card is now in my purse. End of story!

MORAL: Don't deep clean your house? :)

Tomorrow I am back in the studio, but today, the office is getting my attention.  Files, paperwork, taxes, etc. Good times.



JoJo said...

So did you ever figure out why the debit card got in that drawer?

Julie Steed said...

LOL...story of my life. Lovely ATC's as always!

LittleMyoo said...

Thank goodness I never have to deep-clean my house again. :) I left my checkbook in my makeup bag in my desk drawer at work. Seriously? I never even noticed it was gone over the weekend. Imagine my surprise when I opened my desk drawer and saw it sitting in there. :/ Your ATCs are beautiful!!