Thursday, December 19, 2013

A few ATCs

I keep telling myself I am not going to swap any more until after Christmas, but then I see something I would like to add to my collection and I have to make more to keep my end of the swap!  So, Monday I gathered up all the tiny bits of paper from recent projects that were just too dear to throw away, and made a master board on a piece of wrapping paper.  The piece was big enough to make nine ATCs and here are the results.  A different style for me, to be sure, but they all traded out within a couple of hours, so I guess people must like them! :)


mare ball said...

Hey there! Just coming over from your old site. I was sorry to read you were not feeling well. Did you get to the root of the issue?

JoJo said...

Love them. i've been crafting a lot too!