Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mail Art! and Outgoing Mail for December 1-9

There are many things that bring a smile to my face, but one of the most fun is mail art!  I love getting (and sending) fun things through the mail.  Here are a few of my latest outgoing...

I have been loving using all the old stamps I had collected for years, and from the views on my Instagram I would say others enjoy them as well!

Now, for my actual mail art...  This first one is a post card, front and back, for a SwapBot swap.  It leaves for Great Britain in the morning...

And finally, this piece went out yesterday (in a platic sleeve because of all those fibery little goodies on the side--no sense slowing down the entire mail production in case someone accidentally fed it to a machine!)
I have sent out many more pieces of mail in the last few weeks, but these are the ones I happened to photograph. 

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