Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Whoop! A New Printer!

It isn't all up and operational yet--as in I can print MS Word documents but not Publisher--but after our Canon i9900 bit the dust a few weeks ago, I went on the hunt for a printer that would enable me to print from anywhere in the house.  Theoretically this one will do that, and it will send docs to the fax portion via wifi, but so far it has to be plugged in with the usb cable to actually create a print.

I need to buy some laser paper, as all I currently have is ink-jet compatible, but at least I was able to print out my Christmas letter today, so I may get all my cards in the mail by the weekend!  That would be nice.

Christmas will be here before we know it, and I am SO ready!  All my gifts are bought and wrapped, and there is already dust gathering on them. :)  I know what a lot of them are, but that does not decrease my desire to have them in my hot little hands!  I am also looking forward to our second Christmas with Michael in the family.  I think he may be my close rival for kid-like anticipation for the holiday.

Just two more weeks!! :)

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