Thursday, December 19, 2013

Life at Zoe Cottage

Here is a bullet point synopsis of life around here these days.  You probably don't really want all the gory details, anyway, right? :)

  • The weather has been gorgeous the past few days--68 for the high Monday and Tuesday.  Rain is coming, and possibly snow this weekend, but I am enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps!
  • We already celebrated Christmas. It was a spur of the moment decision, but the four of us (Ornery, Elizabeth, Michael and I) were all handy, we had just finished the dinner with Michael's parents and opening those gifts, so we just did the rest.  It isn't that uncommon for us to jump the gun, and I am glad that suspense is over.  I will say only one thing about my gifts: I am spoiled.
  • Ornery's brother is here for the holidays, and will be joining the rest of Ornery's immediate family here on Saturday for our Christmas celebration with them.  
  • The aborted visit that was scheduled for shortly after Thanksgiving has been rescheduled, and now my sister and BIL, Mimi and Chuck, will join us just after New Year's to help us with our construction project.
  • My health and stamina continues to improve--or it was until a couple of days ago, but I think it is a temporary setback.  
  • Our next-door neighbors are camping out in their house as all their furniture has moved to their new home.  We are so sad to see them go, but we have the new mailing address and I may end up with a pen-pal out of the move!  :)
  • I have whittled down my group involvement considerably on Swap-Bot.  I have all but quit swapping there, preferring to deal with the Instagram artists instead.  It has been fun to swap with new artists, and some of them are really good!
  • I have been working on selecting my goals for 2014. This year's word is going to be consistency. I seem to be rather scattered, and there are things that fall through the cracks. I might need an accountability partner...
  • One thing I have been trying to be consistent with is spending time every morning and evening in the living room enjoying the Christmas lights.  It won't be long until they are not there anymore, and I so enjoy seeing them!  The timer turns them on at 4:00 and off at 8:00 (AM) and back on again at 5:00 and off at 10:00 (PM)  I don't have to wonder if I left them on overnight, and they aren't on all day when no one is in the room.  
  • Mail has slowed way down, both coming and going this week.  However, since July I have sent out 458 pieces of mail!  
Here are a few of my recent pieces of outgoing mail.  Love those old stamps and washi tape!! :)


JoJo said...

Things are getting crazy busy here as well. I have to bake, and I was asked to take photos of my husband's great nieces on Monday - ages 6 months and 3 years. Not sure what we are doing for Christmas!

LittleMyoo said...

458 pieces of mail???? I would pass out. I don't know how you do it all. :)