Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I am going to play catch-up with this post, as it has (once again) been awhile since I posted.  First, here are some photos of our weekend... The freezing rain fell almost all day on Saturday.

Since that happened on Saturday we wondered if we were going to have to cancel our family gathering, but everyone except Ornery's mom arrived at 10:00 AM on the dot for brunch, and stayed until about 4:30 that afternoon.  We had a great time visiting with everyone, played a game of Wits and Wagers, opened presents, and ate two meals.

Of course the temperature fell further in the night, and things were quite slick on Sunday, but fortunately, the streets were dry enough for Ornery to get out Sunday to run a couple of errands.  He worked all day Monday and Tuesday, and had today off.  Since mom was sick on Saturday, we took her gifts to her today, along with a few home remedies to help her get back on her feet quicker.  She seemed delighted to see us and so appreciative of the small gesture.

Otherwise, we put away all the Christmas decor, vacuumed the whole house, rearranged the living room, and cleaned up everything that resembled Christmas. I received a gallon ziplock bag FULL of paper flowers from one of my pen-friends, and I spent a few hours on Tuesday sorting them out.  My table is still full of them, as I write this, but I have other things to take care of this evening.

Ornery goes back to work tomorrow, and Elizabeth plans to come over sometime and work more on her loom.  She has a shawl about 1/3 finished, and orders for two more once she gets this one done.  After work, Ornery and I will head to Lowe's to purchase some tools he needs and trays for beneath some of the plants we moved indoors, and then we can get the ferns out of the bathtub and the palm tree from the entry hall into the living room.  Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle!

I still have four letter holders to finish, and two art journals to make, but otherwise, it appears I am caught up on life!  Woot!!


JoJo said...

You've already taken down your decs? I used to do that on the 26th but my stepdaughter is coming over on Sat. to do Christmas so I'll leave them up a few more days. The ice storm was pretty bad up in Eastern Canada and Northern NY and VT.

LittleMyoo said...

Late, late, late Merry Christmas!! I love the pics of the ice. I know how horrible it is to try and drive on, but it does such beau-ti-mus things to the landscaping! I got your lovely Christmas card (before Christmas, too!) and I loved reading about your year. You either have a tremendous memory or do a very good job of journaling. :)

Have a blessed year!!